Sky on the Earth

Gallery zone

Clam-Gallas palace, Husova 20

7pm - 12am

not suitable for epileptics and wheelchairs



Richard Loskot and UAII studio (CZ)

Young Czech artist Richard Loskot explores the deconstruction of how technology works and criticizes social systems. He studied on the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Liberec. His unconventional installations combining visual arts and technology brought him big success both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He was twice a finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award and in 2013 also a finalist of the Belgian Blumm Prize.

Gallery zone 

Tickets are available online and at all 5 locations of the Gallery Zone (Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Clam-Gallas Palace, Mirror Chapel of Klementinum, Hauch Gallery, Bar/ák) from 7pm till midnight during all festival days.

If you already have a wristband for the Gallery Zone, you can go straight into the Clam-Gallas Palace.

Light installation at parlour of the Clam-Gallas Palace takes the spectators to the sky.

It is inspired by the experience of night flight over storm clouds, floating over giant ocean of light. Lighting illuminates the clouds and thus creates colourful tints accompanied with deep sound.

The sky is on the Earth and the spectators may touch the sky that is built from foam. The light inside reveals abstract game of space images. It materializes atmosphere of light that is strengthen by bass tones.

Low walkway takes the spectators through the giant clouds to the sky where strong thunderstorm beats.

Partner of the installation