Future Ruins

Karlínské náměstí

7pm - 11pm|15 min intervals



Romain Tardy (FR)

As a co-founder of visual label ANTIVJ, Romain Tardy is focused on tangible “offline” artistic installations and he definitely doesn't consider his artwork to be digital art. He creates static as well as animated objects of various sizes and he claims that the space he gets for his work definitely does not limit him. He comes from Paris but after years in the French capital, he relocated to Brussels where he currently lives and creates his artwork.

Garden has always been a place for mixing real and fictive stories –  a place for random and secret encounters as well as a place for limitless development of imagination. Century-old trees remind of unnoticeable yet relentless time passing and in the shade of the treetops friends across different generations symbolically meet up. Life in the garden is a small mirror reflecting the whole world.

The site-specific installation called Future Ruins combines a digital projection on the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius with twelve light statues. Their shapes copy the individual life-size architectonical elements that the visitors may find on the facade of the church. Roofs, portals and bay windows are seemingly randomly scattered throughout the whole garden. Both the original Neo-Romanesque elements and the new elements by Romain Tardy constitute imaginary debris of our world independently of the time. Even though they lie ruined there, they illuminate the night darkness.

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